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The New Mercedes-AMG E43 Has 401 Horsepower

Mercedes-AMG has revealed their new high performance for their latest E-Class model with the new Mercedes-AMG E43. The new Mercedes-AMG E46 will be powered by a Mercedes 3.0-liter bi-turbo V6 engine producing 401 horsepower with 9-speed automatic gearbox. Top speed for this car is limited to 250 km/h with 8.3-liter fuel consumption for 100 km. It has standard 19-inch allow wheels with sports front grille. The new Mercedes-AMG E43 will have Mercedes 4-Matic all-wheel-drive system, and the customer can choose their riding comfort level.

mercedes-amg-e43-4matic-revealed-it-has-401-hp-and-a-nine-speed-gearbox_5 mercedes-amg-e43-4matic-revealed-it-has-401-hp-and-a-nine-speed-gearbox_6 mercedes-amg-e43-4matic-revealed-it-has-401-hp-and-a-nine-speed-gearbox_1

(via AutoEvolution)

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