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Apple Car Project At Stake, New Recruitement Freezed

Apple is not satisfied with their Project Titan Apple Car status after the project team lead departure from the company. All new recruitment had been freeze until they could find someone who capable to bring back the project back on track again. One of internal source said Apple’s Chief of Design, Johny Ive review the project, and he is unhappy with its current direction. Previously, the team has been given an ambitious target to deliver on each milestone, and they need to finalize its final engineering specification by 2019 or 2020. The team is under pressure with the tight timeline, and it also said Apple does not have a firm direction for Project Titan.

car under cover

Early last year, Apple was secretly developing its car when they hired hundreds of expertise from related fields. Known as Project Titan, Apple able to keep their mouth shut even they recruit hundred of talented people from related industries. Steve Zadesky have been chosen to lead the project and hired many talented people to join the project. But he makes his decision to leave the company after 16 years with Apple. He denied his action related to the current project progress. Although it looks like a bad news for Apple, it gives us a hint Apple is planning to revolutionize future car and they aim for the moon. If we can remember back, before 2007, nobody would imagine we will ditch physical keypad for a touchscreen on a smartphone, but Apple did it.

(via MacRumors)

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