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No More One Man One Machine Philosophy For Future AMG Models

AMG will go to mainstream stream market by rebranding their AMG Sports sub-brand to use AMG badge. The AMG Sports package is not a true AMG for the purist because it is produced side by side with other standard model and it is not received any special treatment found in pure AMG models. A true AMG car dedicates one engineer for one engine. The engineer will start building the engine from the beginning up until the engine fitted into the car. On top of the engine cover, the engineer will sign his name and the owner will know who tuned his car. This special treatment makes people buy AMG cars although it has a high price tag. For AMG Sports package, it still has better performance and looks compare to stock model, but it meant for mass production, and there is no engineer dedicated for each car. Basically, you order a standard car and want an additional package to improve it. But when AMG decided to merge the AMG and AMG Sports brands and mass produce the engine, is it worth to buy an AMG?


(via AutoEvolution)

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