Volkswagen To Pay Another $200 Million Settlement

Volkswagen will pay about $200 million as part of the settlement for their 3.0 TDI V6 engines in the United States. There are about 85,000 vehicles under Volkswagen group found with ...

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Uber launches self-driving pilot in San Francisco with Volvo Cars

Uber Do Not Want To Pay $150 Permit To Run Their Self Driving Ride Services

Uber makes an announcement a few days back which says they will start piloting their self-driving ride services. But California authority had to shut it down because Uber does not ...

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Future Cars Will Need To Communicate Each Others

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had issued a notice to mandate vehicle-to-vehicle communication in the future. The technology will help drivers aware any dangers unable to detect by sensors. The ...

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How To Run A Crash Test For A Car Worth $2 Million?

/DRIVE shows how Koenigsegg run their crash test. For normal cars, it is okay to prepare a lot of cars for a crash test. But for Koenigsegg, it is not effective ...

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It Is Thrilling To Drive A BMW Isetta Turbo In Forza Horizon 3

A small car with a turbocharged system? Watch this BMW Isetta turbo racing in Forza Horizon 3. It looks fun and thrilling.

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How A Roof Replacement Was Done On Damaged Car?

If your car involved in an accident, it requires an experienced body repair shop to fix it. The following shows how a roof replacement was done on a damaged car. ...

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7 Forgotten Japanese Cars

Alfa Guy list seven forgotten Japanese cars. You might hear some of the models before.

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A Visit to Ferrari Scrapyard

If you own a luxury car, there must a time where you need parts for it. In most cases, parts are either no longer produce by the manufacturer or it ...

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Is It Expensive To Maintain The New Huracan?

Vehicle Virgin shares his experiences owning and maintaining a Lamborghini Huracan which has 5,000 miles clocked.

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6 Reasons Why Toyota Supra Is A Legend

Viral Vehicles list six reasons why the Toyota Supra is a JDM Hero although you might have additional reason.

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