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Porsche Mission E Sports Sedan Debut in Frankfurt With 600 Horsepower

Porsche Mission E Sports Sedan debut in Frankfurt Motor Show this year. It is an option for customers who want a full electric car with spacious cabin, long mileage range and looks good.


Instead of creating something that is too far from production model, Porsche have created a concept car that have a look like typical Porsche. At first look, people might assume this Porsche Mission E Sports Sedan has only two doors with two seats. But the team from Porsche have creatively created a 4 doors sedan that is practical to be used as family car. Beautifully inherit all Porsche design, this Porsche Mission E Sports have a room for 4 people because there is no combustion engine. Instead, it has been replaced two electric motors that produce almost 600 horsepower.


With single charged, the Porsche Mission E Sports able to cover more than 500 km or 310 miles. It takes only 15 minutes to recharge its back to 80 percent. (Wonder how long does it take to fully recharge it because Tesla takes 20 minutes to full recharge its Model S). Porsche also equip this car with 800 volt elecric drive system that double up the capacity from normal electric cars. With all-wheel-drive system, it can move from 0 to 100 kmh in just 3.5 seconds.


With all its battery packs reside under the floor, it gave provide spacious cabin for the driver and passengers. Its instruments can be operated with eye tracking capabilities and gesture control. The dashboard design in this Porsche E Mission Sports Sedan shows the design and features that might be included in all future model from Porsche.


(via CarScoops)

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