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Porsche Owns Stake In A Croatian Electric Car Rimac

Porsche has purchased a minority stake in a Croatian based electric car maker Rimac. Rimac is a sports EV car manufacturer and leading in EV technology supplier.

They have introduce their second concept called the Rimac C-Two. It is faster than the first model and it looks amazing.


Rimac has been featured in Amazon original series The Grand Tour before it crashed during a hill climb challenged and burnt to the dust by Richard Hammond.


Since Porsche has made an annoucement about the their Porsche Taycan, Rimac is believe will helping Porsche to smooth their plan.Rimac has the technology and expertise while Porsche has the money and capacities to materialize it.


The move is clearly state Porsche is serious getting their car ready to beat the new Tesla Roadster.


Source Gas2

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