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The Production of Lamborghini Asterion

asterion-interiorThe production of Lamborghini Asterion may soon to be reality. Hinted by Stephen Winkelmann, the Asterion is not meant to be a track ready car but it will serve more towards people who want a luxury day to day use. It will be a smart move from the Lamborghini to broaden their portfolio and grab the market who previously taught that their line up model are too hardcore.


While asking how the Lamborghini kept the secret from the public, Winkelmann said they during the 2 years of development, they have fitted Aventador with hybrid terrain and done many test to ensure the system are perform as expected and reliable too. Asterion share the same lower part with Aventador making the fitting process is easy.


Other than that, all upper part of the carbon fibre monocoque chassis are news which allow an upright windscreen pillars.  This adjustment is important for this mid engine car since it make the get in and out from the car much easy.


The Asterion is the Lamborghini attempt to provide a robust technology for their future model. On engine mode, the 5.2L V10 engine produces 620 hp. Not like other supercar which have a short range of mileage on full battery mode, this car able to cover a range of 50km with horsepower of 296 hp with maximum top speed of 78 mph (about 125 kmh) . On paper, the car could produce 898 hp when both systems are running and reach up 60 mph (about 100kmh) in 3 seconds with maximum speed of 199 mph or 320 kmh.


When asking by AutoCar UK whether there will be a hybrid version of the Aventador, Winkelmann said current batteries are just too heavy for a supercar and it may effect the overall performance.

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