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Proton Are Ready to Take Part on ASEAN Car Initiative

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Proton are ready to take part on ASEAN Car initiative. Reported by Astro Awani, Proton CEO said that they are ready to take part as a support to the Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak initiative since they have the expertise and experience in design, develop and manufacturing cars for over 31 years.

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Proton was founded in 1983 as Malaysia national car maker and launch their first model Proton Saga in 1985. Among ASEAN country, Proton is the only national car manufacturer who have the facilities and capabilities among them. No other countries in this region have their own national cars other than only providing facilities for manufacturing and assembly process.

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Other than China, ASEAN are the 2nd biggest market than can be look into. Developing an ASEAN car in ASEAN country means it will open many new jobs in those country those participate and help to boost the local economy. For example, if Indonesia take part in this initiative, although the technology is came from Malaysia, Indonesia will save a lot of money with experience from Proton. There must be an assembly plant that going to be developed to support Indonesia market and when that happen, it will help them to improve their economy.

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Nissan have revived their Datsun brand targeted for ASEAN and new develop country. It is a good time for the ASEAN country to develop their own cars too. ASEAN Car initiative is good move for those who participate. It will give a direct impact that on total economy  in a positive way in each stage of supply chain. Let hope the initiative come true.

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