Range Rover Evoque Clone Will Go On Sales Next Month

Land Wind X7 is a new model that copy cat the Range Rover Evoque. It will go on sales next month in China. Although Jaguar Land Rover have tried to take it down, the China authority dismissed the case. Yes, the Land Wind may not replicate the exact same car but for the first time you see it, you may thought that it is a Range Rover Evoque because it has similar design and it may create confusion among potential buyers.


Jaguar Land Rover on the other hand said they are already talking with Chery to join manufactured cars under their brand but the plan may have to be put on hold due to this case.

As a company we have invested heavily in China with our joint venture partner Chery. That commitment is based on a clear business plan, that allows us to hit our sales targets at clear prices. Anything that damages the potential profitability of our plant damages the integrity of those plans

Land Wind was shown to public on last November during Guangzhou motor show. It cost lower than the Evoque with starting price $14,000. Evoque have a starting price of $40,000. Land Wind is standalone company which created with join venture agreement between Changan Auto and Jiangling Motors Corporation.


The Land Wind X7 will be powered by 2.0 Liter 4-cylinder engine. Its able to produce 188 horsepower from the turbocharged engine.


(via AutoCar UK)

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