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Reimagine Volkswagen Bus With T1 Revival Concept

This T1 Revival Concept is a tribute by David Obendorfer to Ben Pon, who originally found the potential to build a bus from a stretch Volkswagen Beetle chassis. Ben Pon sketches the first doodle in 1947 and in 1950 the first Volkswagen Bus T1 was born.

Reimagine Volkswagen Bus T1 - 1

David Obendorfer has done such a great job reimagining current Volkswagen T6 with T1 style in mind. It has retro looks but at the same time shows a modern design. Compare to current T6 model, the T1 Revival Concept has more rounded edges with its headlights inspired by latest Volkwagen Beetle.

Reimagine Volkswagen Bus T1 - 13

The interior in this Volkswagen T1 Revival Concept looks stunning and ready for production. It has the retro style from the latest Volkswagen Beetle combine with the original Volkswagen T1 dashboard and modern infotainment systems.

Reimagine Volkswagen Bus T1 - 8

Volkswagen should consider to produce a real Volkswagen T1 Revival because it looks so good. It would be much better if the new Volkswagen bus run on hybrid or full electric powertrain.

Reimagine Volkswagen Bus T1 - 14

(via DavidObendorfer)

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