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Retrowave Retro Futuristic DeLorean By Florian Renner

Florian Renner choose DeLorean as his new project to show off his skills. His project is called Retrowave were being developed using Cinema 4D. The video really reflect the 80’s mood with overall theme inspired from the Tron (of course Renner have include modern touch and it looks good) and Back to The Future movie. It also has a nice track to complete the theme.

DeLorean Back To The Future 80kmh launch

DeLorean is a real car being produced in 80’s by DeLorean Motor Corporation (DMC). It came with a gull wing doors and futuristic body design make it a suitable car for the Back to The Future movies and it became synonym to the movie franchise. But in reality, it suffer from being success due to reliability and several other issues.


(Source: AutoEvolution, Florian-Renner)

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