Lotus Introduces Fastest Elise Ever With Elise Cup 250

Lotus introduce fastest Elise ever with the new Lotus Elise Cup 250. It is much lighter and faster compare to other Lotus Elise. The engineers at Lotus successfully trim out ...

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Lotus 3-Eleven - 3

Lotus Unveiled 450 HP Lotus 3-Eleven and Lotus Exclusive Program

Lotus unveiled their latest model called Lotus 3-Eleven. It is one of the most hardcore and fastest production models from Lotus. The back-to-basics and track-ready Lotus 3-Eleven is powered by 3.5 ...

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lotus-evora-400 leaves assemble line

New Owners Will Receive Their Lotus Evora 400 Soon

News owners will receive their Lotus Evora 400 soon. Today, Lotus has announced the first few models have driven off the assembly line. The new Evora 400 is design to ...

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Lotus 3-Eleven Nurburgring - 1

Lotus 3-Eleven Spotted Tests In Nurburgring

Lotus was spotted testing their latest 3-Eleven prototype in Nurburgring. The Lotus 3-Eleven will be the fastest production car ever made by Lotus. It is still powered by the V6 ...

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Evora 400 Roadster Will Be Coming Soon

Evora 400 roadster will be coming soon and it will arrive fast with the current chassis is already made to hold its total power with the roof off. Jean-Marc Gales, ...

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#VTEC Powered Super #Lotus Elise

VTEC powered Super Lotus Elise is part of the plan from Julian Thomson while sketching an improved version of his Lotus Elise. Thomson said his design was inspired by the ...

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Lotus F1 Team Mad Max Hybrid With Drivers

Lotus F1 Team Mad Max Hybrid

The Lotus F1 Team has came up with Lotus F1 Team Mad Max Hybrid which “reimagined for a post-apocalyptic future”. They have team up with Warner Bros Pictures to promote ...

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New Lotus SUV Coming In To Beat Porsche Macan, Audi Q5 By 2019

It is confirmed that Lotus will build their own SUV and their main objective is to tap market segment and be strong competitor against Porsche Macan and Audi Q5 (And maybe ...

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lotus elise

Lotus Reached 40,000 Units Production Milestone

Lotus have reached 40,000 units production milestone with their “small car platform” with their Lotus Elise S 20th Anniversary. Lotus Elise have first came out from the production line back ...

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MoU Lotus Proton Goldstar

Lotus and Proton Signed New Joint Venture In China

Lotus with their parent company, Proton, have moved forward with a new agreement between Proton, Lotus and Goldstar Heavy Industrial Co. Ltd. It is said that the new agreement will ...

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