A YouTube Channel Owner Shares His Experience Owning A Tesla Model S P100D

Marques Brownlee runs one of the successful channel on YouTube. He just got his dreams car the Tesla Model S P100D. But owning a premium car does not mean it ...

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Tesla Model S Caused A Life of Former Navy SEAL On Autopilot Mode

Tesla is under investigation by NHTSA after their Model S caused fatal incident while on autopilot mode. Although a portable DVD player was found on the scene, a witness who arrives ...

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Tesla Model S Breaks New Record In Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Race

It is the first Tesla Model S joining the raced at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and the car already set a new record under EV category. Previously, the record was ...

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Tesla Model S60 - 1

Tesla Persuades Customers To Get Entry Level Model S Instead Waiting For Model 3

Tesla persuades some of their customers who already put their money for Model 3 to get the new Model S 60 instead of waiting for the Model 3. In an email ...

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tesla model s

NHTSA Investigate Complaints On Tesla’s Rusty Suspension

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating 33 complaints regarding rusty suspension on Tesla Model S. One of the reports shows a suspension ball joint fallen apart after experienced high ...

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How People Will React to Driverless Tesla - 2

How People Will React to Driverless Tesla?

It is funny to see their mix reactions when they saw there is no driver on a moving Tesla. The following video made by Magic of Rahat, who prank other motorists with ...

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A Kid Try To Get $100 While Tesla Model S Accelerate - 1

A Kid Try To Get $100 While Tesla Model S Accelerate

Tesla Model S P90D is known for its capabilities to sprint fast enough to throw you into the seat. So, a dad challenged his kid to grab a $100 bill ...

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Tesla Model S Fly Over 25 Meters In The Air Before Crashing Hard On A Field

A Tesla Model S fly over 25 meters in the air before crashing down in the middle of a field. The incident occurs in Germany when the 18 years old ...

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Wireless Charger Is Now Available For Tesla Model S

Wireless charger is now available for Tesla Model S but for the time being, it is only available for rear wheel drive Model S. Customer who owns all-wheel-drive Model S ...

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Tesla Model S New Facelift - 1

Tesla Model S New Facelift Spotted At Parking Lot

When Tesla decided to remove the black nose on it front facia, I am quite skeptical. But Tesla cars does not need to have a lot of air intakes because there is ...

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