Uber Do Not Want To Pay $150 Permit, Fleet Their Autonomous Vehicles To Arizona

California revoked registration for all self-driving Volvo XC90 owns by Uber after the company reluctant to apply permits to run their testing. It would cost Uber only $150 per vehicle, and ...

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Uber launches self-driving pilot in San Francisco with Volvo Cars

Uber Do Not Want To Pay $150 Permit To Run Their Self Driving Ride Services

Uber makes an announcement a few days back which says they will start piloting their self-driving ride services. But California authority had to shut it down because Uber does not ...

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Uber Bugatti

Uber Pickup Riders In A Bugatti Veyron

What is your reaction when your Uber ride is a Bugatti Veyron?

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Uber Testing Their Self-Driving Car On Ford Fusion

Uber is currently testing their self-driving car on Ford Fusion. The company shows off their latest prototype in Pittsburgh after the local authority gave them permission to conduct tests. The ...

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Malaysia Authority Hunt Down UBER

In Malaysia, it is require for a company who run service like UBER to ensure their drivers must have a Public Service License (PSV) license, insurance for the passengers and registered their ...

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