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Takata Is A Sinking Ship?

In latest revealed, it is reported Honda engineer identified as “Otaka” demand explanation from Takata’s CEO during in a meeting in 2009. The engineer asked, “Why does it explode? I want to know the truth”. Federal investigation identified there are nine people who died can be related to the malfunction airbag supplied by Takata.

Takata explosion

Instead of saving a life, the airbag explode and spread metal pieces which cause serious injuries to the driver and passengers. In 2009, engineers at Honda accused Takata official act slow and not treating the situation seriously. According to the report, a Takata engineer wrote that Takata was making up the data about its airbags to look good and was lying about testing.

It has come to my attention that the practice has gone beyond all reasonable bounds and likely constitutes fraud – Bob Schubert, Takata Engineer

Honda is one of  Takata’s biggest client and safety is the major concern for Honda. Takata already received fined for more than $70 million but since Takata image already ruined people will think twice before buying a new car which its airbag sourced from the company.

(via TheTruthAboutCars)

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