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Tanom Motor Move To Bigger Facility Ready To Manufacture

After a lot of developing and testing their product, Tanom Motor said they are ready to product the right product to the market. Tanom have developing tricyle vehicle which is powered by 1.3 Liter Suzuki Hayabusa superbike engine. It is a 2 wheels on it front, a single on its back and lower to ground seats. With this design, they are able to lower the gravity and improve it aerodynamic although on a high speed.


All bodyworks done in house by them. They have expertise in moulding, powder coating, painting and carbon fiber dipping. The new modern plant has a 55,000 square foot area and they target to produce 3 models as a start which is the TR03 Roadster, TC-3 coupe and Model R.



(Source: AutoEvolution)

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