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Tesla Battery Swap Pilot Program

tesla supercharger station

Tesla Battery Swap Pilot Program is a new innovation by Tesla to improve the time required by Tesla’s drivers to recharge their cars. But how it will works in day to day routine life? That is the first question that came up in my mind.


Electric cars require time to recharge to its full state. So, Tesla have developed Supercharger station to boost the charging process and make it faster (and it is free!). But Tesla does not stop there. The transition from one technology to another new technology must be justified with a better benefits to customers.


When fill up current fossil fuel in a regular car, we have been used with the current process and what if there is a new way to improve the process? The original idea can be trace back in 2009 when Nissan shows their “Switch” prototype. Tesla have improved it and make it much faster and better

tesla-battery-swapping process

Under this new pilot program by Tesla, customer can choose either they want to use Supercharger (for free) or swap your empty battery within a minute and continue your journey (with a price of half of tank).


I don’t think other car manufacturer dare to do this kind of business model but he is Elon Musk. He and his team must have vision for Tesla. One think for sure, Tesla will be popular and many people will save their money to buy one (or two). In future, the battery price will be cheaper and charging cost will be reduce from time to time with renewable energy sources, fuelling up your electric car is not part of your daily expense if you use Tesla.

There are 3 videos for you to watch. The 1st video show time challenge between Tesla and Audi A7. The 2nd video show in close up on the swapping process. And the 3rd video show “Switch” concept back in 2009.

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