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Tesla Confirmed Model 3 Is Coming In and It Will Be More Affordable

Tesla confirmed Model 3 is coming in and it will be more affordable compare to current Model S. The current Model S is focusing on high performance with luxury status in mind and it had proved itself transforming people perspective about electric cars. But not everybody able to buy it. Most people are just hanging the Model S wallpaper inside their laptops or desktop PC.


Model X is also coming in and it aim to provide a premium electric SUV. Several spy shots have been caught while they testing the new Model X. Their aim to slowly provide a vehicle that can be used in day to day basis.

Tesla have its own factory to assemble all the batteries for their vehicle. It is one of the largest factory America that assemble battery for electric vehicle and their factory have the capability to be expanded depending on their growth and demand.


With a strong manufacturing capabilities, Tesla decided that they are going to bring Tesla brand into mainstream market with a more affordable vehicle segment. Tesla set to ensure their vehicle able to travel 200 miles (or 321 km) in single charged. Expected price from $35,000.00, the new Model 3 will competed with other vehicle manufacturers.

(Source: MotorAuthority)

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