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Tesla Delivered Just 208 of Its Model X Last Quarter

Tesla delivered just 208 of its all-new Model X crossovers on last quarter. A total of 507 vehicles were made during the quarter and they will deliver the remaining units to customers on the first quarter this year. The company announced during their Model X launched that the company was producing five cars a week. It causes the customer need to wait for a long period before receiving their cars. With pressure from their shareholders, Tesla has increased the numbers exponentially.

tesla model x door open

During final days of 2015, they have made 238 Model X for that week. On the other hand, their sales on Model S increase to 17,192 units during the same quarter. Tesla aims to produce a more affordable model with Model 3 and the negotiation still running with China government to sort things out. If everything runs as plan, the upcoming Tesla Model 3 will be manufacture and assemble in China. It is the only way for them to fulfill the projection demand and ensure the cost is competitive for China market and surrounding countries.

(via TheVerge)

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