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Tesla May Stop Battery Swapping Program

Tesla may stop battery swapping program due to low interest among the Tesla’s owners. The battery swapping solution is the initiative that enable customer easily fill up back their car instead of waiting for 20 minutes using the Supercharger station.

tesla cars charge using supercharger

Elon Musk stated that Teslan have sent invitation to all California customers but only 4 to 5 percent responded. People seems not comfortable having to set an appointment in order to participant in the battery swapping program. The main reason people may use a new solution is because it will be faster than current solution and less hustle. Imagine if you are using a normal combustion engine and have to setup appointment in order to use the fuel pump, it is ridiculous am I right?


He also added that the Supercharger station is a success and customers are okay waiting for their cars to be charged. He also added the Superchargers will remain free as long as they use sparingly. For me, I think Tesla should put solar panels and Powerwall to all its Tesla station. Let it be free forever and get money from other sources as simple as from advertisers while the customers waiting for recharge their Tesla.

(Via MotorAuthority)


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