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Tesla Model S Caused A Life of Former Navy SEAL On Autopilot Mode

Tesla is under investigation by NHTSA after their Model S caused fatal incident while on autopilot mode. Although a portable DVD player was found on the scene, a witness who arrives early at the crash site says the device does not play any movie.

There was no music. I was at the car. Right at the car

The incident occurs when a truck tries to make a left turn when a Tesla Model S, which on Autopilot mode never slowed down. After it crashed with the trailer, witness says the car continue to drive hitting several fences before it comes to rest.

Every time it rains or we mow we find another piece of that car

Tesla in a press statement says the Autopilot feature is in beta phase, and the driver should not be fully dependent on the technology. They also said the high ride of the trailer combined with its positioning might cause the sensor unable to detect the trailer across the highway.

The Tesla Model S roof was sheared off after the incident. The driver was a 40 years old former Navy SEAL, who ran a technology company. He was a Tesla enthusiast. Previously, a Model X owner claims their brand new Model X suddenly speed up in a parking lot nearly missed shoppers. Tesla denied the claim by saying the Model X is fully in manual mode.

a-tesla-model-s-involved fatal crashed

(via ChannelNewsAsia, TeslaMotors)

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