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Tesla Model S Test Drive

tesla model s front view

CarBuyer have done Tesla Model S test drive back in November 2014. Tesla Motors was founded by Elon Musk. Elon Musk is a millionaire from California which gain his fortune from PayPal IPO. Other Tesla Motors, Elon Musk also fund another company related to space technology named the Space X. Space X was so successful even NASA interested in funding their research and development.

tesla model s interior

Elon Musk are well known for his amazing vision. Instead providing a normal electric cars, Tesla Motors are set their benchmark as a premium electric cars. They even hired Aston Martin Chief Engineer as their VP of Vehicle Engineering back in 2013. It shows how determined they are in developing the best future cars from Tesla. During the test drives done by CarBuyer, Tesla have done a good job. There are some lacks that can be improved, but in general the car provide the best experience and high quality finishing.

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