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Tesla Model X Is Coming Out in August 2015 #teslamodelx

Tesla Model X Is coming out in August 2015 #teslamodelx. After being delayed to make everything is perfect, the Tesla Model X is now ready for mass production after being tested is several condition especially on its electric system.


Tesla line up models are all run by drive-by-wire system. It is crucial for them to ensure everything is perfect. Elon Musk said he want the Tesla Model X and Model S to work perfectly when officially hit the market soon.


Tesla Model X scheduled for production on last 2013 but postponed due to their focus to released the Tesla Model S for global market and the Tesla Model X itself need a lot more test.


The Tesla Model X will feature a gullwing doors setup to provide convenient for this seven seats Tesla Model X. Since Tesla Model is coming out in August 2015, the official Tesla website have set the first Tesla Model X will be delivered to customer in early 2016. You can also play around the gullwing doors setup in their website and it is impressive the setup does not take much space.


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