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Tesla Model X Officially Launched

Tesla Model X officially launched in a special event in its Freemont factory, California. This is a new segment from Tesla to tackle SUV demand. Previously, Tesla already selling Tesla Roadster and Tesla Model S. This is their third model before they plan to produce a new model named Tesla Model 3 which expected to be less expensive in late 2017.


Tesla Model X is the world first electric SUV and it has a normal family car design other than the gullwing doors for rear passengers. Compare to other electric vehicle that have less space, Tesla Model X has a spacious cabin. It is because the batteries which powered this SUV were located under the floor body. It gave Tesla’s interior designer and engineer to provide either 7 or 6 seaters layout.


Other than that, the Tesla Model X air suspension is available as an optional package. There are also a button called “bioweapon defense mode” that able to clean air “on the levels of a hospital”. Tesla claims their Tesla Model X able to filter air hundreds times better than conventional car.

Tesla Model X Bioweapon Mode

There are two versions available for customers to choose and both of the model will be running on all wheel drive system. The difference are the motors use to power the SUV. The P90D (high end variant) able to sprint form 0-60mph in just 3.2 seconds.

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