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Tesla Have Spent Over $50 Million On Its Factory So Far and It Is Expanding

Tesla have spent over $50 million on its factory so far and it is expanding. They latest expansion plan is to ensure all its lithium battery supply are enough to power all their future electric cars. It is estimated to cost Tesla around $5 billion with $1 billion came from Panasonic contribution and $1.2 billion came from the incentive package. When completed, Tesla will be the largest lithium-ion battery plant of its kind in the world.


Their latest expansion have also bring positive impact to surrounding economy. They have open up new business for ground clearance which involve huge numbers of contractors and sub contractors. When it is open up, it will also open up new jobs to monitor all the robots used in the manufacturing process.

Tesla currently developed Tesla Roadster and Tesla Model S. In near future, they will start to produce cheaper electric cars which affordable for middle class family. Tesla Model X is one of their plan.

(Source: AutoEvolution)

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