The Battle of Two Male Alpha In Volkswagen

The battle of two alpha males in Volkswagen have been the main highlight in newspaper and internet for about weeks. The issue started when current board members get rid the 78-year-old Ferdinand Piech. Piech who is the descendent of Ferdinand Porsche has ruled the Volkswagen Group since 1993. He have made many aggressive moved to bring up back the company that nobody seems to understand from standard business perspective.

piech winterkorn event

As the chairman for the Volkswagen Group, he have successfully get rid previous VW CEOs by getting support from all his board members. But this time around, the strategy seems not work as expected. Martin Winterkorn who is the current Volkswagen CEO able to convince all board members not to get sack of him. Winterkorn have able to expand market outside Europe continent and he also show a good sales figure but it is is not still enough for Piech.


Piech want to Winterkorn off the Volkswagen due to the declining sales in United States. Since he is the person who have successfully bring back Volkswagen as one of the biggest car company in the world, he unable to tolerate it. Although he has been off as Volkswagen Chairman, he and his family still have 51% shared in Volkswagen Group.


It is said he want to nominate current Porsche’s CEO as the new Volkswagen’s CEO. It is due the fact that Matthias Mueller have able to bring up sales in United Sales. Piech is so concern about Volkswagen sales in United States since it is a big market for them. He do not want the same thing happen in China.

Matthias Muelle Porsche

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