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The BMW i3 Will Have Longer Mileage Range by 2016

The BMW i3 will have longer mileage range by 2016 and it is hope to attract more customers who want an electric car that able to adapt in real world environment. Yes, BMW offers extender engine for current “i-series” model but customers want a vehicle that capable running on electric mode without assistance from petrol or diesel engine.

BMWi3 country side

As part of product improvement process, BMW have announced an upgrade for BMW i3 which will arrived next year with better mileage range. They also promised performance and overall weight will remain the same.

“An increase in range for the i3 will come in 2016. Another technology leap is probably going to come in three or four years, you get to charge twice as much without the weight of the battery being increased further,” Harald Kruger, CEO of BMW

Those who already bought the BMW i3 may not to worry much because it may possible to swap the current batteries reside under the floor with new batteries which may available in 2018; although there no official confirmation from BMW.

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