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The First BMW i8 Destroyed by Its Owner in German Autobahn

This might be the first BMW i8 destroyed by its owner in German Autobahn. It happen when the hybrid sports car rear ended another Audi A3 after a third vehicle pulled into the right lane. The third vehicle is believe to overtake another vehicle in front.

bmw-i8-crash-autobahn left side

It result both the BMW i8 and Audi A3 extensive damage after hard impact on the guardrail. The BMW i8 front ended have destroyed with all its bumper, panels and front bonnet are all rip off. It is believe that all drivers and occupants of both car escape without serious injuries.

bmw-i8-crash-autobahn i8 radiator

The firefighter were called due the concern of complex hybrid vehicle that involve normal combustion engine and a set of high voltage battery packs which may trigger fire.

(Source: BimmerToday via GTSpirit)

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