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The New BMW 3-Series Touring and Sedan Are Spotted Being Tested In Its Final Design

The new BMW 3-Series touring (wagon or estate) and sedan model are spotted being tested in its final shape and design.


Based on the spyshots, it is hard to guess whether the models are from the M-Performance variant since the current 5-Series that is powered by 4-cylinder engine also have a twin single pipes exhaust system. But the new design will have a sharp and slim design similar to the new launched 5-Series.

It is expected the 3-Series will have a new interior design and come with a new infotainment system iDrive 7.0  which can be found in the X5 G05 and G15.

2019-BMW-M340i-G20 1

The new car also said to be equiped with other modern technology that are currently found in the 5-Series and the X5 model such as autonomous driving feature that can steer the vehicle onto hard shoulder in case of medical emergency.

2019-BMW-M340i-G20 2

The BMW 3-Series G20 sedan will make its debut in February 2019 following the G21 touring model later during spring 2019.


(Source: BimmerToday)



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