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This Audi S8 Plus Is Worth To Be Considered Although A New Audi A8 Is Coming In

This Audi S8 Plus is worth to be considered although a new Audi A8 is coming in. The new Audi S8 Plus is differ from the Audi S8 with a new rear lip spoiler, gloss black frame grille, matte black honeycomb side air inlet and radiator. The car also come with 21-inch wheels specifically made for the Audi S8 Plus.

Audi S8 Plus - 11

The Audi S8 Plus uses the Matrix LED technology from Audi which has dynamic turn signals. It is a one of the most advanced headlights technology from Audi.

Audi S8 Plus - 15

Inside the cabin, black color with red stitching dominate the environment. The center console was beautifully finish with piano black. The pedals and foot rest have a stainless steel cover.

Audi S8 Plus - 21

Audi S8 Plus - 20

Other than exterior and interior upgrade for the Audi S8 Plus, Audi have been modified the 4.0 TFSI engine with a special engine control. It control speed and charge pressure boosting with a new modified exhaust valves and fully optimized turbocharger. The results was it able 85 PS (kW) more than the Audi S8.

Audi S8 Plus - 24

All its power were delivered to an 8-speed tiptronic automatic gearbox. The car has electronic limited top speed at 250 kmh and able to reach 100km in just 3.8 seconds.

Audi S8 Plus - 5 Audi S8 Plus - 14 Audi S8 Plus - 19

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