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Toyota Prius Is A Hot Car For Thieves

You may laugh few years back and may thought nobody would ever stole your Toyota Prius but today Toyota Prius is a hot car for thieves. When there are demands that need to be fill in, thieves will come in to provide product a cheaper price.


The Toyota Prius is a hot car for thieves in San Francisco area due to the demand on its battery pack. Although it weight around 70 kg, it does not stop them to take it out in just 20 minutes.A new battery cost about $2,500 but when thieve get it for free, they able to sell it around $900 and $1,000.

You can replace the 12 mm bolts with a tamper proof bolt to slow it down. It will require a special wrench to loose it.

(Source: ABC7News via  CarScoops)


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