#Volkswagen Golf GTi Clubsport Debuts With 261 HP

Volkswagen celebrates their 40th Golf GTi anniversary with 261 horsepower Golf GTi Clubsport. The GTi Clubsport will be faster than standard GTi but price less the Golf R. It was developed for track used but still valid on the road.


Compare to the Golf R, it has less 31 horsepower. Other than that, it has overboost function which will inject extra horsepower for a short time. A 6-speed manual transmission or DSG are available to transmit all the 261 horsepower engine to the front wheel drive.


The interior and exterior is different from the normal GTi. It has redesign front bumper, rear roof spoiler with LED taillights and the interior is nicely fit with sport seats came from the Golf R.

1068679_golf_gti_clubsport_51068675_golf_gti_clubsport_2 1068678_golf_gti_clubsport_4

(via AutoWeek, AutoExpress)

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