Volkswagen Phaeton End Its Production

Volkswagen Phaeton will end its production in March 2016. Phaeton is a luxury flagship model from Volkswagen and it was originally launched in 2002. From time to time, Volkswagen have upgrade it features  to ensure the model is relevant. Phaeton is so special even Volkswagen even built a special factory which known as Transparent Factory for the Phaeton. Only 4,000 units were built last year and it is expected from the Phaeton.


But with the end of the Phaeton production, it does not mean they will close their plant in Dresden, Germany. The factory will be converted to allow other Volkswagen cars to use it (and most probably for their electric cars). The Volkswagen Phaeton successor is expected to arrive in 2020 and they have confirmed it will only available in electric powertrain.


(via MotorAuthority)

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