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Volkswagen XL3 Will Compete Toyota Prius Head to Head

If we talk about an electric car, Tesla will be the benchmark for its mileage range, speed, acceleration and time to recharge the vehicle. But if we speak of a hybrid vehicle, Toyota Prius is a well known among other car manufacturers. Previously, Volkswagen plans to build a fully electric car to compete with Tesla Model 3. But it is not enough for them.

Volkswagen XL3 - 3

They also plan to create a direct competitor for the Toyota Prius. 1.4-liter engine will power the new Volkswagen XL3, and its electric powertrain will be borrowed from the Golf GTE. Volkswagen aims to sell their new XL3 at the price of $30,000. To lower down the cost, they will use conventional materials to manufacture the car. No carbon fiber chassis or panels will be used.

Volkswagen XL3 - 4

Volkswagen XL3 - 1

(via AutoEvolution)

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