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Volkswagen’s Goodwill Program

Volkswagen’s Goodwill Program in the United States will cost nearly half a billion dollars to the German cars manufacturer but at least it is the best thing they can do for now. The program by Volkswagen offers gift card valued $1,000 for almost 500,000 Volkswagen vehicle owners. Although there is possible consumers will sue back the car manufacturer but it is better for them to apologize first.

“I believe that this is a type of watered-down apology. They may be saying ‘You must be hurting, here’s a little something to get by.’ I don’t know what exactly they think consumers need right now,” Michael Siebecker, a professor of law at the University of Denver.

The corporate apology was made by Volkswagen after they are being caught manipulating emission test for their diesel model lineup in United States. The unexpected behavior from the largest automaker in the worlds cause Martin Winterkorn stepped down as VW Group CEO.

VW Goodwill Program

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