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World First Ferrari Run On 100 Percent Electric

It is not a regular Ferrari because this classic car is being converted to run on modern electric motors. It has been a long time for this Ferrari out of its duty after the engine was catch on fire. It requires a lot of money for the owner to get things fix to its original condition and it was left since then. The car is ready to be scrap, and luckily Electric GT found this car in a junkyard in San Diego.

Ferrari 308 by Electric GT - 1

They decided to give a second life to this Ferrari. The car is being built down to its bare metal. It took 18 months for them to complete this car. This Ferrari 308 is now powered by three batteries and electric motors. With single charged, the car can cover up to 100 miles.

Introducing the Ferrari 308 GTE. The World’s First 100% Electric Ferrari. This is the iconic revival of the 1978 Ferrari GTS – fire damaged, salvage titled, severely toasted. Totally restored, updated, re-engineered, and converted to electric with the first automotive use of a triple electric motor configuration. Alive and well and on the road driving every day…. and it’s driving on solar power from our panels! A little tire smoke maybe the worst of the emissions!

Jay Leno should invite them to the Jay Leno’s Garage show.

Ferrari 308 GTE in action:


(via CNN)

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